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Learn To Trade The Financial Markets Using A Modern Price Action Trading Strategy

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Hi Traders!

A very warm welcome to you... thanks for checking out my new price action trading program.

For decades traders have been using tape reading or price action to navigate the markets. Some of the most famous and successful traders to have lived used price action in one form or another to make sound trading decisions.

The modern markets are a lot different to the days of the ticker tape....! But as we know, human nature doesn't change. Large orders still need to be executed, markets are still driven by supply & demand, fear & greed still plays a big part in price discovery.

This 6 hour trading program is designed to take a long standing, time tested strategy and refresh it for modern market conditions.

Learn how to trade any market with a clear and effective trading methodology - Price Action.

Check out the course content below and I'll see you inside the program!


Who is this course for?

The course is aimed at traders with some trading experience. You'll already be familiar with the basics like reading charts, order types and will have been trading for a while.

You recognise the value in keeping things simple, having an easy to understand yet powerful strategy and are dedicated to becoming the best trader you can be.

Traders taking this program typically fall into one of three categories:

  1. You are looking for an additional trading methodology to compliment your existing strategies
  2. You are unhappy with your current trading and are looking to start with a clean slate, a fresh mindset and new approach to your trading.
  3. You have seen specific topics in the course content (below) that particularly interest you and know that just one or two nuggets of information or a different way of thinking could change your trading for the better.

What will you learn in the program?

The program is a comprehensive trading course in video format.

Split into 9 modules with around 40 videos it's a detailed guide to trading price action including;

  • Looking at the markets differently, how to set yourself apart from other traders
  • How to look at and assess current price position - is the trade worth the risk?
  • Interpreting supply and demand and spotting imbalances
  • Where are the hidden trading opportunities?
  • When should I not be trading?
  • Hunting momentum ignition - when price is about to trend
  • Using a filters & trigger process for optimum trade performance
  • Grading your trades (for aggressive traders)
  • Fundamental catalysts to look out for
  • Specific strategies within Momentum Ignition and Price Exhaustion categories
  • What do triggers look like on a short term price chart?
  • How to capitalise on institutional orderflow?
  • Your 30 day action plan to keep your trading moving forward

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Course Content

Module 1 - Understanding Price Action (55 mins)

1 - Introduction (23.36)
  • How best to consume the program
  • What is price action?
  • What does it mean to be a modern price action trader?
  • Becoming a price action trader
  • Understand why price action works
  • The science behind the strategy
  • The dichotomy of trading
  • Traders goal - making as much money as possible with as little risk as possible
  • Traders choice

2 - The importance of Risk Reward and probability (6.35)

  • Looking at the numbers
  • Losing, winning and the bottom line
  • Have your cake and eat it
3 - Understanding why price moves (15.28)
  • Looking at the market differently from other traders
  • An unusual way of thinking
  • Focusing on the counter-party
  • Behaviour is easier to predict under certain conditions
  • What actually happens when a trade is executed?
  • The shift and imbalance of supply and demand
4 - An overview of price action patterns (9.43)
  • Defining a momentum ignition trading strategy
  • Defining a price exhaustion strategy
  • Summary of our goals, approach and focus
Module 2 - Technical Price Action Patterns; Momentum ignition (95 mins)

1 - Understanding the key components of price patterns (7.23)
  • Where is our trading edge?
  • Are markets random?
  • Identify our edge over other traders
  • Patterns to identify emotion in other traders
2 - Examine how price reacts (10.36)
  • Watching how price responds to technical levels and external influences
  • The importance of relative price position
  • The importance of current time
3 - Momentum Ignition Hunting (4.52)
  • Capturing momentum as soon as possible
  • What clues are we looking for that precede momentum ignition?
4 - Flags (16.35)
  • What is the flag?
  • Trading rules of the flag
  • Crude oil example
  • Coffee example
  • GBP/USD example
5 - Flag rules (2.28)
  • 5 key flag rules
6 - 1st Pullback (14.40)
  • What is the 1st pullback?
  • Difference between a flag and a 1st pullback
  • General Electric example
  • QQQ Nasdaq ETF - Intraday chart example
  • German Dax example
7 - 1st Pullback rules (2.40)
  • 4 key rules for the first pullback trade
8 - Extreme volume (7.52)
  • What is extreme volume?
  • Why is it useful?
  • Amazon example
  • Tesla example
  • Coffee example
9 - Extreme range (9.36)
  • Extreme range benefits
  • Silver daily chart example
  • GBP/USD daily chart example
10 - Trend change at key times (8.40)
  • Time of day importance
  • Reversal times
  • Reversal examples at specific time of day
11- Intraday trend reversals (11.21)
  • What does an intraday trend reversal actually mean?
  • Emotion and trend changes
  • Supply & demand extreme signals
  • Criteria and suggested trade management
  • Midday reversal trade rules
12 - Momentum ignition summary (2.38)

Module 3 - Technical Price Action Patterns Price Exhaustion (50mins)

1 - Exhaustion patterns (6.06)
  • Using price exhaustion
  • How to identify when price has run out of steam
2 - The Flush (10.15)
  • What are we looking for in a flush?
  • Natural Gas example
  • Tilray example - avoid temptation
  • Dow Jones 3 minute chart
  • 3 Flush rules
3 - Wicks and Tails (9.48)
  • What is a wick?
  • What is a tail?
  • FOOTASYLUM Stock example
  • JD Sports Stock example
  • GBP/USD Forex example
  • Gold example
  • US Steel example
4 - Fakeouts (8.45)
  • What are fakeouts?
  • SPY ETF example
  • McDonalds example
5 - Range Break Fake Setup (11.26)
  • Understanding the range break fake trade
  • DAX example
  • Nikkei example
  • DAX lower timeframe fake
  • Rules of the range break fake
6 - Using indicators (4.54)
  • Avoiding the common retail trader trap
  • Indicators vs price action

Module 4 - Fundamental drivers of price action (20mins)

1 - Big money causing shifting supply and demand (4.03)
  • Drivers to watch for that cause supply and demand imbalances
2 - Thinking like ‘Big Money’ - (5.32)
  • How money flows across timezones
  • Markets and assets, what is big money watching?
3 - External influences (9.58)
  • Things to watch in equities, forex, indices, commodities and the political landscape that may impact the markets

Module 5 - Trade Selection Process (38mins)

1 - Setting up your filtering process (6.21)
  • Triggers & filters
  • Technical first
  • Fundamental first
  • Trade idea generation
  • Event driven
  • Trade grading system
2 - The trading funnel (8.05)
  • Flow of trades from idea to execution
  • Filters and triggers sweet spot
3 - Idea generation (6.34)
  • A strategic approach to trade filtering
  • Scanning options
  • Filtering options
4 - Grading your trade (8.07)
  • Price position
  • Technical and fundamental
  • Sensible risk management
5 - Grading examples (9.59)
  • Long momentum trade grade example

Module 6 - Trade Triggers (27mins)

1 - Pulling the trigger (13.04)
  • Defining your trade triggers
  • Types of triggers
  • Institutional money flow
  • Key candlestick patterns to use as triggers
2 - Using other indicators as triggers (7.27)
  • Short term charts as triggers
  • Higher timeframe triggers
  • Twitter stock example
3 - Trend reversals as triggers (7.14)
  • Trader emotion
  • Trapped traders
  • Supply and demand swing
  • Key probes and tests
  • New triggers - developing your own triggers
Module 7 - Adding Extra Weight To The Trade (22mins)

1 - Adding additional weight to the trade (7.38)
  • Unexpected response
  • Expected response
  • Social media
  • Short squeeze
  • Heavy retail traders
  • Psychology of the crowd
2 - Social media weighting & the short squeeze (8.02)
  • Watching social media for emotional order flow
  • Short squeeze trade strategy
3 - Heavy retail involvement (5.12)
  • Why a large retail holding is useful
4 - Crowd prediction (2.30)
  • Keeping an eye on what is influencing the crowd
Module 8 - Effective Risk Management (21mins)

1 - Controlling risk (9.17)
  • Optimum stop loss position
  • Ideas on stop placement
2 - Swing scalping & Position sizing (4.21)
  • Trading from an intraday perspective but looking for a multi day move
  • Calculating position size
3 - The power of scaling & multiple positions (7.54)
  • Scaling out
  • The risk of multiple positions
  • Unexpected risk
  • Pros and cons of multiple positions
  • Hidden risk

Module 9 - 30 day action plan (24mins)

1 - Your 30 day action plan to become a specialist (4.52)
  • Becoming a specialist
2 - Trade execution process & Improvement (4.02)
  • Filter
  • Grade
  • Risk
  • Trigger
  • Iceberg trader - working on what you can’t see
3 - Define your grade criteria, trigger and filter plan (7.38)
  • Identify your grade A - D plays
  • Construct your trade filter plan
  • Construct your trigger plan
  • Next 10 days goals and plan
4 - 10 - 30 days action plan (4.05)
  • Growth process
  • Keep watering
  • Phase 1 - 4
5 - Summary (3.22)

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Your Instructor


Hi Traders! - I'm Mark. You've probably seen me on YouTube (UKSpreadbetting) where I talk about all things trading related.

Trading with price action is my big thing, it's the method that's helped me navigate the markets since 2001.

From UK and US equities, to FOREX, indices like DOW and DAX, to commodities like Crude Oil, Gold, Silver and Coffee. (Crude, DAX and US stocks my current favourites)

I'm here to share with you my price action trading approach, strategy and method.

Good trading,


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like.
Will there be any updates to the course?
Yes, once you have purchased the course you will get free access to any course updates.
Can I access all of the videos at once?
Yes, you can access all videos immediately.
Which markets is price action trading suitable for?
Forex, equities, commodities, indices, treasuries... the list goes on. Anything which trades freely where price is determined by supply and demand.
Is this just for UK/US/EU traders?
It's for anyone across the globe who is serious about their trading. Any country! (but it is in English...maybe different languages to come)
What is your refund policy?
As this is a digital product we have a no refund policy. Take a look through the curriculum to see the course contents and if you have any questions before purchasing don't hesitate to contact us.

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Course Curriculum

  Update III - Trading Heavy Dow Days (Updated August 2019)
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